"Sarah…you came highly recommended from a good friend of Julia’s, but the mother in me… who wants her only child to have a perfect wedding day and have that day reflected in the photographs…was a little skeptical.  I need not have worried.  Your pictures are all of that and more! I am so delighted and thank you for coming to Wrightsville Beach. Looking at the photographs takes me back to each moment in our day….all wonderful memories that I can relive over and over. Thank you."

- JAN, mother of the bride

Tuckahoe plantation wedding

"Sarah is beyond talented at what she does--from her sharp creative eye to her fun-loving, infectious energy and spirit. But beyond all else, her ability to capture us in the truest and most natural moments was nothing short of spectacular. Discussing what we wanted our photos to reflect from that most perfect day, nothing can compare to the genuine love and joy that she effortlessly documented. I attribute her calming and kind nature to such a rare skill - not once were we told to look or act a certain way. We will forever be grateful for the incredible images she gave us."


Backyard wedding on film

"The one and only shot we wish you had taken (because you got all the amazing ones and more!) is a shot of us with you! You are amazing at what you do and we are so happy we crossed paths with you!"


Artists for Humanities EpiCenter wedding

"Sarah, thank you so, so much for photographing our wedding. Your sense of cool and calm cast such a positive attitude over the picture-taking process, that we felt relaxed and completely ourselves the entire time. Our guests loved you too--you were a big hit especially with the Midwest crew (I think they can spot one of their own).

It's extremely hard to get ANY work done the past couple days because I just keep on looking at all of the gorgeous photos you took. You have made a believer out of me with film--the quality is just beyond compare. I couldn't ask for better! And I loved the package that you sent us. What a special way to get a first glance at the images. We took your advice and opened up a bottle of wine for the was just perfect."


Sarah, I am so grateful for each photograph. Having such a beautiful record of these everyday moments with my baby boy is such an incredible gift. I will of course treasure them and I love that he’ll be able to see the interactions he shared with his mom during this special time. Time really does go fast. I really appreciate you capturing a piece of it for us.


Castle Hill Inn wedding in Newport, RI

"Thank you for sending the wonderful package to us with the highlights from the wedding -- we LOVE the way you captured our big day. It was so special for us to go through the photos exactly a month after the wedding; we are so, so incredibly happy that you were there with us for the wedding. You are truly talented.

We absolutely loved working with you. Every person who is planning a wedding, or might in the future, is getting a glowing recommendation from us, and advice to work with you. Thank you SO, SO much!"


"Sarah, thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day more special, more thoughtful, and more fun. Words cannot describe how perfect of a wedding photographer you are. You made us feel natural and comfortable, and it's clear how much you care about the happiness of those you walk with. We've only seen the polaroids, but that's all we need to know that you're work will be beautiful. We were so happy to have you with us to document our day."


"OH MY GOSH. We just looked at the box of pictures and we LOVE them. Love is an understatement. You captured us so so perfectly--one of my favorites is one taken of us from behind on the lawn. It was right after the receiving line, and Mike was helping me re-focus and settle. It was one of my favorite moments of the wedding and I didn't even realize that you managed to snap a picture. We are absolutely overwhelmed and overjoyed (we can't even look at the gallery yet because we keep looking at the prints). The pictures all exude joy and comfort and they are so natural, and we don't even know how you got them all because you were so non-intrusive and calm the whole day.

We simply cannot thank you enough and wanted to be sure to let you know (immediately!) how much the pictures mean to us and how much we love them.


"We are so, so happy with the pictures and will truly treasure them forever. You were so fun to have with us on our wedding day, thank you for making us feel comfortable, relaxed, and for making us laugh all day! You captured so many wonderful moments!"



"Going through the photos last night was the GREATEST way to relive our wedding day. We couldn't have imagined the photos to be this spectacular. Each detail and moment you've captured is amazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us!!!!! We can't stop looking at them and think each one is our new favorite...the tiniest details, shared joy and special looks that you captured throughout the day are remarkable. 

The care, thought and artistic touch you put into curating our "box" is also incredible. It really did make the whole experience of viewing your gorgeous pictures even more special. Thank you, Sarah!!"